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"The Earthquake Cake" AKA "The Avalanche" AKA "HAHAHA MY CAKE IS DYING"

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Oh man. I risk my professional reputation with this (not that I actually have one). I've been working as a cake decorator in a chain store bakery for a couple of months and having a real blast at it. So my mom bought me a fancy-schmancy cake decorating kit for Christmas, so that I could have a real blast at home... in theory. I thought I would put my kit to good use tonight and make a yummy chocolate-chocolate-chip layer cake with cream cheese icing and awesome borders and swirls and whatnot to impress the parents.

Um. Did I mention that I don't actually bake the cakes at work?
Cake wreck cliff
I didn't bother to thicken the store-bought icing because I thought I would be able to cover the entire cake more easily with it runny, and then I could thicken some up for the decorations. Well, the cake didn't last long enough to get to that point...
Cake wreck iceberg
It fell apart in chunks, much like a fluffy, sugary iceberg.

Cake wreck trenches
I like how the icing sort of became little, slow-moving rivers, flowing down through the cake. AND CARVING OUT CAKE CANYONS. CAKE WRECK MOUNTAIN IS ~MIGHTY~.

Oh man, it was a thing of beauty, you don't even know. Watching the chunks slowly tumble off... into my hands. Then I ate them.

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Obviously there's never a good time to have a cooking failure but Christmas Eve has got to be one of the worse days out there. I only realised this afternoon that I hadn't made cake or biscuits or anything to contribute to Christmas at home. Anyway I dashed off to Sainsbury's to pick up the relevant stuff this afternoon and then made the cake this evening. It was Nigella Lawson's "Snow-Topped Spice Cake" which I've made for the past few years now without any problems. Until tonight.

The cake rose impressively in the oven and it was looking good till it rose too much and spilt over the sides of the tin (NB the recipe does call for a bundt tin but we don't have one so I make it in two sandwich tins and have never had a problem with this before!) and crusted on the oven rack. Nice.

Then of course when I took it out of the oven they both collapsed.

You can see the weird muffin top it seems to have developed and where it's torn from spilling over onto the oven rack.

What you can't tell from these pictures is that the cake itself is crispy (just shy of burnt- it tastes okay, just chewier than normal!) on one half and golden on the other. It makes me wonder if there was a problem with the oven?

I wasn't planning on icing them till tomorrow anyway so if I still think they look truly horrible tomorrow I might cut them up into cake squares and put thick icing on top to hide the mess whereas usually I just put a little icing in the middle and then just dust the top with icing sugar.

I guess you can't win them all. Still, I'm taking some comfort from the fact that my family will probably eat the cake anyway. As long as it tastes good they're happy!

Happy Holidays to everyone and Good luck in the kitchen whatever you're making this season!

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