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Oh man. I risk my professional reputation with this (not that I actually have one). I've been working as a cake decorator in a chain store bakery for a couple of months and having a real blast at it. So my mom bought me a fancy-schmancy cake decorating kit for Christmas, so that I could have a real blast at home... in theory. I thought I would put my kit to good use tonight and make a yummy chocolate-chocolate-chip layer cake with cream cheese icing and awesome borders and swirls and whatnot to impress the parents.

Um. Did I mention that I don't actually bake the cakes at work?
Cake wreck cliff
I didn't bother to thicken the store-bought icing because I thought I would be able to cover the entire cake more easily with it runny, and then I could thicken some up for the decorations. Well, the cake didn't last long enough to get to that point...
Cake wreck iceberg
It fell apart in chunks, much like a fluffy, sugary iceberg.

Cake wreck trenches
I like how the icing sort of became little, slow-moving rivers, flowing down through the cake. AND CARVING OUT CAKE CANYONS. CAKE WRECK MOUNTAIN IS ~MIGHTY~.

Oh man, it was a thing of beauty, you don't even know. Watching the chunks slowly tumble off... into my hands. Then I ate them.

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