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Caramel Suck

Арлоло, админота,
и админотавр
While I am usually competent in the kitchen and can whip up some tasty treats, I had a disaster on Thursday. For a potluck I decided to make brownies with homemade caramel on top. I had never made caramel before, so this was a new adventure for me.

The caramel recipe calls for: sugar, water, lemon juice, and then heavy whipping cream, vanilla, and salt. As I was boiling the sugar, water, and lemon juice I decided to run next door to my ex's house and give him the lemon juice back since the sugar mixture had quite a while to go before it was going to be the right color. However, the ex got me distracted and was talking to me and I forgot what I was doing. Then I remembered and darted home, thinking there could still be hope. Unfortunately, I had burnt the sugar. So without thinking, I dumped it into the sink, on top of everything.. Yes, sugar HARDENS, so I had this nasty hardened burnt sugar all over everything. So I start scrubbing it off and I ran my finger across an edge of the hardened, crystallized sugar and it hurt. I looked at my thumb and I sliced it open and was bleeding because of my attempt to make caramel! Never have I cut myself on food before...

However, the brownies did end up a success because after cutting my finger open, I bandaged it up, and began again. But I have learned that I am super dangerous in the kitchen. I usually burn myself without doubt, now I cut myself on my ingredeints.

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instant whatttt?

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my siblings were home alone one day and decided to cook some instant noodles. so they did and they left the water and noodles to boil and watched the tv for awhile. little did they know that the water evaporated and started to burn the noodles. by the time i came back, the house was full of smoke and what was left of the noodles were just really brown and hard stuff!!!! talk about instant disaster! 

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sticky mess of pecans

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I tried
Crockpot Pecans

3 cups pecan halves
1 egg white, slightly beaten
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon cayenne (or more)
1 cup Splenda granular, sugar substitute

Put the pecans in crock pot. Add the egg white
and stir until the pecans are evenly coated.
In a bowl, stir together the cinnamon, salt,
cayenne, and Splenda. Pour the mixture over the
pecans and stir until they're evenly coated.

Cover the crock pot; set on low, and let it cook
for 3 hours, check periodically and stir.
If the nuts aren't dry by the end of the 3 hours,
uncover the crock pot, stir, and cook for another
30 minutes until dry. Store in an airtight container.
this morning because it is just getting cold, and man did they sound nice. Got the recipe from [info]what_a_crock community.
Such a nice thought.

Well.....I would recommend checking on them after oh...about and hour. Otherwise you end up with very smelly, very sticky, very smokey, very burnt pecans that are painfully stuck to the bottom of your crock pot.

I currently have the poor thing on low with water and dishwashing liquid trying to 'warm' them off. It is the nastiest looking soup of a mess you've ever seen. I do hope I can get my crock-pot clean again.

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