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While I am usually competent in the kitchen and can whip up some tasty treats, I had a disaster on Thursday. For a potluck I decided to make brownies with homemade caramel on top. I had never made caramel before, so this was a new adventure for me.

The caramel recipe calls for: sugar, water, lemon juice, and then heavy whipping cream, vanilla, and salt. As I was boiling the sugar, water, and lemon juice I decided to run next door to my ex's house and give him the lemon juice back since the sugar mixture had quite a while to go before it was going to be the right color. However, the ex got me distracted and was talking to me and I forgot what I was doing. Then I remembered and darted home, thinking there could still be hope. Unfortunately, I had burnt the sugar. So without thinking, I dumped it into the sink, on top of everything.. Yes, sugar HARDENS, so I had this nasty hardened burnt sugar all over everything. So I start scrubbing it off and I ran my finger across an edge of the hardened, crystallized sugar and it hurt. I looked at my thumb and I sliced it open and was bleeding because of my attempt to make caramel! Never have I cut myself on food before...

However, the brownies did end up a success because after cutting my finger open, I bandaged it up, and began again. But I have learned that I am super dangerous in the kitchen. I usually burn myself without doubt, now I cut myself on my ingredeints.

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