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1. My husband had put a scalloped potato dish in a pot to bake, and upon removing it, from the 350f oven, took his oven mitts off, turned away, then absentmindedly turned back and grabbed the scalding pot handle.

Off to the ER on a saturday night where it was a 6 hour wait in triage, and a tetanus shot, ointment and sending us home with a field hospital's supply worth of bandages for one very burned hand.

Official diagnosis from the doc: "Goldfish syndrome".( the reputed ten second memory of a goldfish).

2. When making cookies...check what bag you're scooping flour from. There's a vast difference between pancake mix and flour. Vaguely salty, hard as brick coffee cookies.

And I was unable to stop my husband from waltzing in, smearing cranberry jam on one, and eating it. Urk.

The common phrase after cooking screwups here is "You made Gordon Ramsey cry."

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