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Cake and pasta!

Арлоло, админота,
и админотавр
I guess it wouldn't be right if I didn't admit to some of my crimes in the kitchen! These are only two of countless mishaps. I've also had cookies that have become a single crunchy sheet, made lettuce and sand salads, put whole uncracked eggs and tinfoil in the microwave to cook, pancakes sprinkled with lemon and salt instead of sugar, forgotten to put the top onto the blender (more than once), and have had numerous incidents involving things catching fire. Nowadays I try to avoid the stove as much as possible!

The Crunchy Cake
One of my first cooking experiences was when I was about twelve and I decided to make a chocolate cake. Being a complete novice in the kitchen, I was unsure with how to crack the eggs and just sort of squeezed them in my hand, resulting in most of the shell ending up in the batter.

I decided to just 'mix it in' rather than try to pick it out, figuring no-one would notice the eggshell once the cake had finished cooking and being too lazy to put in the extra effort. The end result was a weirdly crunchy, gritty cake, with a texture similar to the mud pies kids make in the playground. Moral of the story: always make the extra effort.

The Pasta Incident
This one is very recent. I'm a bit of a night owl and on this particular night I was up until two in the morning writing an assignment. I finished and I was absolutely exhausted, but I was also starving hungry. Being out of bread and cereal, I decided to make some simple pasta, since I figured I was way too hungry to go to sleep. I put the pasta on with some water, turned it on and sat down to wait.

Of course, I fell asleep. An hour later all three smoke alarms went off and promptly woke up everyone in the house including the dog, who started to howl. Once I'd managed to turn off the stove and the smoke had cleared, my pasta had become a thick black inedible sludge in the bottom. My family was furious and it took months before I was trusted again. It is now known as 'The Pasta Incident'.

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Арлоло, админота,
и админотавр
I have a BUNCH! My motto is that the first time I make anything, I have a 50/50 shot of it coming out well. After that my odds increase dramatically.

So, one time, at band camp while pregnant, I had a SERIOUS craving for Girl Scout Samoa cookies. Since this was in the dead of summer, there were none to be had. Very sad, because anyone who's ever been pregnant before knows the "ZOMG I WILL HURT WHOEVER STANDS IN THE WAY OF ME AND SATISFYING MY CRAVING." I once drove ten miles out of my way to get a sandwich at this one particular deli.

Anyway, so, back to the Samoas. Well, wouldn't you know, there's a recipe for one online. It calls for toasted coconut. WTF? How do you toast a coconut? So I got some shredded coconut and stuck it in my oven on broil.

And as pregnant women are wont to do... I... fell asleep.

And woke to the smoke detector going off and the lovely scent of scorched coconut.

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Стучитесь! И вас откопают (≖‿≖ ;)