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     Shortly after my husband and I were married and living together I decided to be a good housewife and tackle a quiche from scratch. I know quiche isn't exactly challenging but my husband had never had quiche and I had never made one and we were both looking forward to a yummy lunch. I took forever making my pastry and researching the combination of ingredients that I knew my husband would love. I cooked it perfectly, it looked great, and smelled delicious. 
     I pulled it out of the oven and was lifting it up to place on top of the stove. I guess the front lip of the pie plate hadn't cleared the oven and it hit the edge and flipped end over end right back into the hot oven. My perfect quiche was destroyed and I felt like some kind of failure house wife. I cried in the corner of the kitchen for a few minutes until my husband came in and found me there. He was sweet about it, even going so far as to grab a bite of the mess to try it. It tasted really good but was just too destroyed to salvage. 
      I swear any time I take something out of the oven I still remember that moment and it happened over 5 years ago. Needless to say I'm quite careful now ;o)

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