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1. Does this community ban users?
We try not to resort to banning people, but if a user is seriously harassing another user, spamming the community or is using inappropriate language or pictures and ignore the warnings, then they will be banned.

2. What sort of language is and isn't acceptable here?
Cooking Failures is a child-friendly community because we think that cooking is a child-friendly activity. Therefore, we try to keep it as child friendly as possible by putting anything with swears under an lj-cut with a warning, limit the amount of swear words that are used, and keep all pictures tasteful.

3. How do I find an old entry or post?
Use the tags, memories or LJ Seek tool in the user info to find old entries. Please don't post in the community asking others where old entries are, as it clutters up the community.

4.Someone is bullying/harassing me, what should I do?
No one should have to deal with bullying. If a user is really bothering you, then send a private message to the maintainer to ask them to intervene, along with the entry or thread in which they're bothering you. This isn't a debating community; it's just a community where we laugh and make fun of our bad cooking.

5. Who is the maintainer/moderator?
[info]plebian is the only current maintainer and moderator, since the community is so small. There's no need for any new moderators at this time; however, in the future, the call could go out for one, depending on how big the community gets!</lj>

Ask A Question
If your question isn't answered either here or in the community userinfo, then leave your question in a comment on this entry and it will be answered as soon as possible.

We're always open to suggestions at Cooking Failures, so if you have any ideas on how to improve the community, comment with them here.

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