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Ask to be an affiliate, check out our current affiliates and link back to Cooking Failures here!

If you'd like to be an affiliate, you can be one! Affiliates will have their community or journal name posted in Cooking Failures' user info, in the community sidebar and on this entry.

If you wish to be affiliated, leave your community or journal's name, URL, banner and a brief description in a comment to this entry.

The affiliate requirements are that:
1.You must be a cooking-related LiveJournal journal or community.
2. You must be a child-friendly journal or community.
3. You must link back to Cooking Failures, using either a text link or one of the link back banners found below.

Link Back
Even if you're not an affiliate, you can still link back to this community, using either a text link or one of the following banners:

If possible, please upload the pictures to your own server, although this is not necessary.

Current Affiliates
None yet!

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