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I have a BUNCH! My motto is that the first time I make anything, I have a 50/50 shot of it coming out well. After that my odds increase dramatically.

So, one time, at band camp while pregnant, I had a SERIOUS craving for Girl Scout Samoa cookies. Since this was in the dead of summer, there were none to be had. Very sad, because anyone who's ever been pregnant before knows the "ZOMG I WILL HURT WHOEVER STANDS IN THE WAY OF ME AND SATISFYING MY CRAVING." I once drove ten miles out of my way to get a sandwich at this one particular deli.

Anyway, so, back to the Samoas. Well, wouldn't you know, there's a recipe for one online. It calls for toasted coconut. WTF? How do you toast a coconut? So I got some shredded coconut and stuck it in my oven on broil.

And as pregnant women are wont to do... I... fell asleep.

And woke to the smoke detector going off and the lovely scent of scorched coconut.

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